Varicose veins in the legs: symptoms and treatment

Varicose veins in the leg

In the case of varicose veins in legs symptoms and treatment are linked to one another. It is a widespread disease of the vessels, accompanied by the weakening of the valve is not in operation. On varicose veins of any human, and most people have an idea of how large the expanded vessels on the legs. But you need to know about the early signs of the disease, and the rules of the prophylaxis of the pathology.


Varicose veins of the lower extremities develops under the influence of a variety of factors. The main reasons of occurrence of the pathology:

  • Hereditary Predisposition. In congenital chard to the development of the connective tissue valves suffer. You are not able to fulfill their function — that prevent backflow of blood. In consequence, a Stagnation, the blood vessels develop, expand, and deform, increases the probability of formation of blood clots.
  • Features of the Constitution. Obesity leads to increased stress on the veins. The walls of the blood vessels weaken, lose their resilience and elasticity. The probability of the development of the pathology in people with excessive body mass increases by more than 33%.
  • Life style and character of the work. Varicose veins appears to be of a longer stay in the upright Position, from excessive physical stress. In the case of women with frequent use of high-heeled shoes. The causes of varicose veins include the use of tight underwear, including hosiery, leading to bruising of the large veins in the groin and impairment of the normal blood flow to the lower extremities, lack of exercise, and relaxed in the same Position.
  • The disruption of the hormonal balance. You can change the amount of estrogen and progestin in the blood of the people, capable to lead to a decrease of the Tonus of the blood vessels. Provoke the long-term use of oral hormonal contraceptives, use of drugs during the menopause can pathology, etc.
  • Pregnancy. The Growing fetus leads to a contraction of the blood pressing vessels, the development of Stagnation of the blood in the organs of the small pelvis and the legs.

Determining the cause of the varicose veins of the legs and eliminate the Progression of the pathology and the development of complications avoid.


The warikosnaja disease of the lower extremities occurs in both women and in men. Through a progressive course in the following grades and types of varicose veins on the legs:

  • The stage of compensation. In this time, the patients have no complaints about the deterioration of health. The first symptoms — on one or both feet in the area of the lower leg are visible enlarged blood vessels.
  • Phase subcompensation. There are complaints of pain in the legs, feeling of bloating, cramps. The feet are swollen, especially towards the end of the working day.
  • The Phase of decompensation. The patient's condition deteriorates, to develop complications — Dermatitis, eczema, hyperpigmentation trophic ulcer.

In the case of varicose veins, the classification of the following varieties:

  • The local lesion. In the pathological process of segmental veins are involved. Back flow is missing (backward jump in the blood).
  • Segmental Lesion. To exit a pathology of the blood in which the participating physical or communicative vein.
  • Frequent lesion of the superficial veins with back flow. Varicose veins in men is manifested by the defeat of all the superficial vessels. Most of the time on both legs at the same time.
  • Through the involvement in the pathological process of deep veins.

Types of varicose veins of the lower extremities according to the international classification:

  • Class 0. The lack of discomfort and the visible manifestations of the disease.
  • Class 1. Venous appear mesh, spider veins. The first complaints about the deterioration of the health.
  • Class 2. Visible under the skin enlarged blood vessels.
  • Class 3. By a backflow of the blood swelling of the ankles and legs will appear.
  • Class 4. In connection with circulatory disorders signs of lipodermatosclerosis develop effective been.
  • Class 5. A lesion of the Epidermis, the skin slightly injured, delivers and heals poorly.
  • Class 6. Trophic ulcers develop.

Symptoms and signs

Spider veins on the legs

The first signs of varicose veins of the legs in women — the development of telangiectasia or spider veins. First of all you will notice is extremely difficult, as they individually and are usually on the back of the leg or under the king's meadow. After a long stay on the legs or the use of shoes with high heels occur in the severe and small swelling. For varicose veins in men characterized by fatigue legs.

Gradually the patient's condition worsens, the symptoms of varicose veins vessels visible to the naked eye. The veins swell, become twisted and lumpy, appear to be puckering. Reduces the sensitivity of the skin. In the night, not possible occurrence of seizures. Swelling are more pronounced.

An enlargement of the veins leads to disruption of blood circulation, the tissue is a noticeable lack of oxygen and nutrients. Trophic disturbances occur, the skin becomes smooth, shiny, pale. Signs of varicose veins of the legs in men — swelling does not disappear, even after long periods of rest. Itching, Dermatitis.

In the case of severe varicose veins symptoms the formation of non-healing are venous ulcers in the area of the ankle. It is the addition of a secondary development of the microflora and infectious-inflammatory process threatens. The leg varicose veins, often through the development of Thrombophlebitis — inflammation of the vessel walls. Maybe a local increase of the temperature in the area of heavy weight, and a slight fever.


A leg ulcer is due to the results of the survey of the history and the visual inspection of the patient. To clarify the stage of the disease, prevalence of the pathological process, the peculiarities of the blood flow, the availability of collateral, back flow, condition of the apparatus, additional examination of the patient requires.

Sonography of the veins of the lower extremities

In the case of varicose veins of the lower limbs, you should do the following:

  • Duplex scanning, ultrasound, or angiography. Offers you the possibility of the image of the blood vessel along the entire route to determine the presence of and are extensions of the reflux of the blood, the condition of the valves.
  • Sonography of the lower extremities veins with the application of contrast medium. If a varicose vein, venography is required to have a obstruction of the superficial or deep vessels of the legs. The research is needed before the Operation to determine the method and the scope of the Operation.
  • CT or MRI with contrast. You can use a series of images, with the help of the patency of the blood vessels, the degree of Expansion, the condition of the apparatus, the availability of collateral, etc.

In the case of varicose veins of the legs, the conduct of laboratory investigations with the objective of evaluating the rheological properties of blood and other indicators. To do this, you must submit:

  • The General analysis of blood. In the presence of the inflammatory process, blood sedimentation rate, elevated indicators of leukocytes increases.
  • Koagulogrammou, is the Test for Lupus a. conclusions angiboust on the tendency to an increased risk of thrombosis, the condition of the coagulation and Universiada blood.

How to treat it

Varicose veins in men treated on the legs in a holistic way will need to. Form of therapy developed, taking into account the stages of the disease, prevalence of the pathological process, the presence of complications and other factors.

Conservative methods of treatment of varicose veins without surgery to use in the early stages of the disease. With their help, you can stop the Progression of the disease, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase the tone and elasticity of the veins, normalize blood circulation and to prevent the development of the signs of stagnation.

An important role in the treatment of diseases, the application of the compression plays in stockings. Special hose hosiery socks provide pressure to the entire length of the legs, do not allow the Stagnation of the blood, support the muscles, prevents the development of edema. After the night's sleep out of the bed. Knitwear individually for the people, because every product there are different degrees of compression.

Which doctor treats varicose veins

To the doctor for varicose veins treatment of varicose veins in the legs must as early as possible. To do this, you need to know, what doctor varicose veins treated. It should therefore go first and foremost to the local therapist or doctor. After the visit to the specialist the direction on consultation to the doctor, the varicose veins will heal, it is flebologia. It is a narrow specialist, the provider is responsible for the diseases of the veins.

If the specialized doctor for varicose veins are lack of in the clinic or in the hospital, treating all types of diseases of the blood vessels angiologist or surgeon concerned.

In the case of the necessity of surgical treatment of the veins with varicose veins on the legs, a doctor should be consulted-the phlebologist or sosudistomu surgeons. In the days of the clinic with similar problems, the surgeon of the public profile is concerned.

How to heal with medication

You can cure varicose veins without surgery only in the early stages of the disease This requires the following groups of drugs:

  • Phlebotonics. Influence on the condition of the vessel walls. You increase the density, reduce the fragility and permeability of capillaries, increases the tone and elasticity, angioprotektornymi properties. Restoration of normal blood flow through the vessels, stimulates the flow of lymph.
  • Anticoagulants and platelet aggregation inhibitors. The flow-normalized properties of the blood. You liquefy prevent the formation of blood clots. To be used with the aim of prevention of complications.
  • Antioxidants. Accelerate the excretion of toxins and other harmful components from the human body. A positive effect on the condition of the blood-forming system. The agent on the Basis of Ginkgo extract, a Multivitamin complex.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. Help to relieve pain, inflammation, feeling of heaviness, feeling of bloating, swelling and other unpleasant symptoms of the pathology. Use it carefully, not longer than 10-14 days. This is due to the fact that the drugs have a negative effect on the condition of the digestive tract, it can lead to the aggravation of gastric ulcers. In the case of VRV, you can suppositories in the Form of solution for intramuscular injection, tablets for the oral and rectal application.

Treated varicose veins is necessary for a long time, for several months. Mandatory the inclusion of phlebotonics in summer, because this time, the human body, including blood vessels, increased stress experiences.

The effective treatment of varicose veins involves the use of ointments and gels for the outdoor area. You need to stick enlarged veins RUB in the area sick several times a day. Drugs stimulate the micro-circulation, dealing with the recovery of tissue at the cellular level.

How to get rid of diseases with the help of natural remedies

In the case of varicose veins on the legs, the treatment is the application of natural remedies includes. You can use as a complement to conventional drug therapy. Help you to get rid of varicose veins in short periods to stop the Progression of the disease and improve the health of the patient.

Treated varicose veins on the legs in women can be agents with the following:

Tincture of horse chestnut
  • Compresses made from tomatoes. To do this, you can use the tomatoes of any degree of maturity. Several fruits you should cut rings, attach to attach to the enlarged vessels and nodes. After some time at this point, a slight burning that should diminish, then the compress and rinse the feet. You are struggling with varicose veins with this method, you must not weeks less than 2-3.
  • Lemon RUB. Citrus fruits have a pronounced tonic effect. To cut to the implementation of the method, a slice of lemon and RUB into the Epidermis.
  • Horse Chestnut Tincture. For the preparation of drugs, the fruit must be crushed, in a glass bowl. Half-fill with vodka or alcohol diluted. Container place shaking in a dark and cool place, on a regular basis. Not endure for less than 1 month. The medication must 5-10 drops 3-4 times per day. Treated varicose veins on the legs in men chestnut tincture you need to.within 2-4 months
  • Apple cider vinegar 6%. Medium tones blood vessels and strengthens their walls, promotes the elimination of edema. Used FR vtiraniya in the skin to do the procedure in the case of varicose veins regularly, for several weeks.
  • Compress of Kalanchoe. Helps you to remove from slight varicose veins on the legs in men. For the preparation of medicines you need to a few leaves of the plant, chop, and pour diluted alcohol. The Tool insist 7-10 days. You use for laying compresses mass was on cotton piece of cloth, place it on the area of the diseased vessels, to wrap from the top cover plastic bag, and to strengthen. Varicose veins treated long, several weeks. Method, it is desirable, in the night, so the medication seemed to be for as long as possible.

Before traditional methods of treatment of varicose veins, it is necessary to arrange that with your doctor. Some methods can do more harm than good.

Surgical Procedures

You can cure varicose veins forever the only way — through a surgical procedure. However, every Operation is accompanied with some risks, so that they resort, preferably only in the case of significant changes on the part of the vessels. With the help of surgical treatment is able to completely remove varicose veins.

In the case of varicose veins treatment, taking into account the peculiarities of the disease. The main methods are:

  • Laser-Removal. With the help of the laser beam wasted on the problematic veins of the small diameter know. In them the circulation of the blood stops, with time, your roof window is growing together. The uniqueness of the method consists in the accuracy of the impact that the surrounding tissue is not damaged. The control is carried out via an ultrasonic sensor. The procedure is less traumatic, requires no special training on an outpatient basis.
  • Sclerotherapy. To varicose veins remove in the vessel lumen in a special substance sclerosant. The drug causes a fusion of Vienna with subsequent resorption. The procedure is done without anesthesia, the duration should not exceed 30-40 minutes. After the Manipulation the Patient for a few days, a special compression stocking to wear. Sclerotherapy is effective in the fight against cardiovascular and asterisk offers mesh, telangiectasia, enlarged and gnarled blood vessels, as well as in the case of serious diseases.
  • Mini-phlebectomy. On the skin small holes, through which the removal of the affected blood vessels are carried out. The procedure is under local or General anaesthesia. Mini-phlebectomy is used in the fight with winding and broken veins.

As dangerous

Vascular diseases belong to the systemic pathologies. Venous disease of the lower extremities, it is easy to notice, but the process spread to other vessels. Dangerous varicose veins on the legs in women, primarily, to the fact that the conversion to the organs of the small pelvis. It is the development of complications threatening during pregnancy. And in this time, many drugs are strictly prohibited on the application.

Dangerous varicose veins on the legs in men, as the process can affect the sexual organs, in particular, lead to the enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord. It is the emergence of male infertility threatens.

Other complications VRV, there are vessels in the increase the likelihood of blood clots and blockage of the lumen of the blood. It is not excluded phlebitis. Dangerous is the disease and the formation of trophic ulcers. The open gate for infections, wounds heal poorly in connection with the violation of the blood supply to the tissues.


Physical activity - prevention of varicose veins

In order to prevent the development of varicose veins of the lower extremities, observe the health at a young age. Prevention is more effective than the treatment of the feet with the development of complications.

To ensure a good blood circulation, you must have a sufficient movement activity. If a Person remains in work for longer periods of time in the same Position, should regularly do a little warm-up. Responsibility has to be fully on the choice of shoes — you should not compress to a small heel (no higher than 6 cm), comfortable, the leg.

You need to pay attention to your weight. Excessive mass is one of the predisposing factors to the development of the disease. In addition, vessels leads to increased load on the blood. The clothes should be from natural fabrics. Avoid the use of tight underwear, to avoid compression of the large vessels in the groin.

During the implementation of the hygiene procedures, it is advisable to take a shower, the possibility of the amount of water and temperature. With the help of this Tricks you can vessels tone, enhance the blood circulation.

Preferably every day, to do exercises or sports. Not necessarily several miles running at a time, enough fun in the Pool, Hiking or Cycling.

Before the application of hormonal contraceptives, a consultation not only among gynecologists but also in flebologa, the analysis on hormones should. If the level of female hormones in the blood, this can vessels a negative effect on the condition of the walls of the blood.