Treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins on the legs

The enlargement of the veins in the lower extremities affected than women, and men. There are a variety of methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs — conservative, surgical, or Folk. To get rid of problems in the early stage of the development of the pathological process.

Varikoznoe the extension appears under the influence of disturbances of the veins of the apparatus. The randomness of blood flow congestion is provoked, stretching of the veins and subsequent symptomatic symptoms: feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities, pain, cramps in the night.

The formation of the first mark requires a diagnostic examination and the designation of the suitable ways to cure the disease. The type of therapy depends on the neglect of the process and the General condition of the body.


Be treated to the folk and budgetary procedures inadmissible, without professional assistance, the disease quickly leads to complications up to and including the need for Amputation of the lower extremities.

Conservative Methods

The initial phase of the treatment of varicose veins pathology with the help of the local gels, creams and ointments. They are for the domestic methods of treatment of the disease. Medicinal products on the affected areas of the veins of the lower extremities twice a day. Drugs are divided into independent sub-groups:

  • With anticoagulant — help, get rid of Stagnation in the veins, a solution of effects.
  • With natural components-composition — average of horse chestnut contain, butcher, Melilotus officinalis. With their help the pain and fatigue of the lower extremities in carrying the baby, get rid of, strengthen the walls of the veins.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents allow to get rid of formed thrombosis and Thrombophlebitis in men and women.
  • With the hormonal composition Tools an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory range of effects.

Varikoznoe treated comprehensively in the enlargement of the veins of the lower gliedmaen drug therapy can. Fixed assets — injectable solutions, tablets and capsules. To the desired result and the disease in men and women can cure with the help of:

  • Phlebotonics treatment involves strengthening the flow of blood circulation, improving the tone of the walls of the veins in the lower extremities.
  • Krovanistaya means — let you get rid of the formed blood clots, reduce the density of the blood, improves the movement of the biological fluid through the veins. Treated the district physician may be in order.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication to help get rid of the pain, reduce swelling of tissues, Compression clothingreduce the indicators of platelet aggregation. Treated under the constant supervision of medical staff.

Men are less prone to varicose veins of the lower extremities, than women. Characteristic is due to the hormonal changes in the woman's body in the period vynashivanija the child, during menopause.

To heal convenient method of the disease as the wearing of compression underwear.

To help stockings or tights, get rid of the swelling, pain, and fatigue of the lower extremities home. The pressure specialized bedding, homeopathically the damaged veins by of the disease the necessary result. Manufacturers produce a variety of models that can be used in the treatment of varicose veins in both women and in men.

Modern non-surgical methods

Methods and means of influence on the varicose veins, over time, become easier and in most cases, the outpatient is going home. In the case of the need for surgery, the hospital stay only a few days will not take, what prevents the Patient quickly back to the usual for him style.


During the Manipulation, in a vein of a specialized Dröge — sclerosant, the glue on the inside. After some time, problematic Wien disappears, the blood stream, distributed to the vessels healthy.

Within a procedure, can be used four injections medications. The number of sessions depends on the degree of Proliferation of the vascular network of the lower extremities. After the Manipulation on the foot compression clothes clothes. Patients must hours of walking the next five. The feature prevents the likelihood of the formation of blood clots in the deeper veins. The compression is necessary in the course of the following calendar month.

To treat the pathology — then get rid of varicose veins, stabilize the blood circulation, blood circulation, reduces pain, cramps and fatigue faster at the beginning. The resulting pigment spots disappear in the course of therapy, with time, spontaneously.

The method guarantees a long therapeutic effect. In the case of a successful therapy — life-long result. In about 25% of patients with varicose veins is not a complete cure. Sclerotherapy is among the most important of the symptomatic signs of the disease suppressed, but not cure the Problem completely.

The therapeutic method is for use in the following indicators:

  • in the case of high sensitivity to sclerosant;
  • at the time of therapy with anti-inflammatory and hormonal agents;
  • in the case of different degrees of obesity;
  • Pyo-inflammatory diseases of the dermis, or with the Cellulite on the lower extremities;
  • in pregnancy and Thrombophlebitis.
The introduction of sclerosant during sclerotherapy

The positive side of the possibilities of sclerosant to be presented treated without surgery:

  • the need for hospitalization, maintaining the usual way of life of the patients;lack of
  • Receipt of therapeutic earnings immediately after surgery, without scarring;
  • Treatment with minimal discomfort;
  • the ability to get rid of varicose veins at the same time on multiple cores.

The negative sides of the therapy are achieved by the inability to long — term conservation of the result-life maximum effect for both men and women in the elimination of the original source of the disease. The Problem provoked a round-the-clock compression wear underwear, with the deletion only on the hygienic time-manipulation.

The radio-frequency coagulation (Ablation) of varicose veins (RCHK, RFA)

The method of coagulation of varicose veins IC waves in the country, has recently been introduced. The therapy is introduced for the large vein through a puncture in the Dermis, a special catheter, saarevali you on the inside. The result is monitored with the help of sensors, the handling technology.

Therapeutic advantage of the method presented:

  • minimal uncomfortable sensations;
  • to the very limited Operation;
  • short-lived period of rehabilitation;
  • the lack of scars and scars;
  • low indicators of probable disease does not occur more than 10%.

The disadvantages of RFA include flow: skin burns, thrombosis, bladder and appearance of the inguinal back.

The postoperative period has its own requirements:

  • Compression stockings, in the first forty minutes after the Operation. All of the specified time, the Patient should go to prevent blood clots. In addition, specialized underwear for two weeks is worn with the obligatory walks on foot within an hour daily.
  • Patients are not recommended to lift heavy objects, sports, locomotion, on a bike, Training on simulators, over a longer time. Under the prohibition of the visit to the Saunas, steam rooms, saunas — all the effects of the high temperatures on the problematic lower extremities falls.
  • A few days after the surgery the a scan ultrasound of the veins is performed to confirm the result.

Laser Treatment

The impact of the beam on varicose veins also sealed the problematic vein. The method requires no surgical incisions: through a puncture in Vienna, the special fiber penetrates. Following vascular spasm covers the problematic area, Vienna is excluded from the circulatory system and is materials connection.

The extent of the impairment EVLT is higher than in the therapy sclerosant, the end result of a surgery to remove the veins.

The therapeutic process is considered to be the less traumatic and safe way to get rid of, varicose veins of the lower extremities.

The Operation takes about half an hour, the Recovery time does not take more than four hours. The application of the local anesthesia allows you to assign a method to a patient, for the rest of the variants are prohibited. After the Operation, the Patient self-discharged from the hospital and ready to return to the workplace.

The positive aspects of the therapeutic laser include:

  • no cuts — the result of an excellent cosmetic effect is;
  • minimum duration of the operation — in the case of the complicated variants of the Manipulation of not longer than one hour;
  • accelerated post-operative period of surgery does not require the hospital work does not suffer;
  • the method under ultrasound-control of the instrument and thus increases the quality of the therapy, reduces the probability of the occurrence of post-operative complications;
  • Laser Treatment
  • no post-op hematomas.

The disadvantages of the method are:

  • the price for Operation;
  • the larger diameter of the damaged veins require the implementation of a surgical incision;
  • the major veins, with time, can recover and restore in the bloodstream.

Surgical Treatment

Varicose veins deeper veins that requires a radical surgery — phlebectomy. The removal is carried out in the absence of layers of skin ulceration, rash, or sore surfaces. The Operation takes about two hours. After it on the leather skin, small scars, up to five millimetres to stay.

The method recommended for the following indications:

  • in the case of trophic lesions of the skin of the lower extremities;
  • pathological varicose veins;
  • extensive Varix defeat;
  • in case of problems with the free movement of the blood through the veins.

To cure the anomaly of radical method, it was possible for many patients, but the remaining scars, and lengthy after-treatment refers to the Operation on the last from the list of preferences.

Home treatment

Traditional methods in the home in the direction of varicose veins in the lower extremities include the resources of the local and internal use. Home can be treated:

  • Flowers horse chestnut — 50 grams of plant material, pour half a litre of alcohol, two weeks. Daily shake well capacity should be. After 14 days infusion of filtered and drink one tablespoon three times daily before a meal. Treat the disease can be a week, then a break for 14 days. To heal after recovery from the disease again.
  • Dried nettles — pureed dry, consisting of the leaves of the plant, cooking in a thermos half a Liter of fresh boiling water. A half-hour incubated, filtered, and a third Cup three times a day, an hour after taking.
  • Green tomatoes — fruit-finely chopped put on the dressing and place on the areas of varicose veins, the top in addition to fixed medical Association. You don't hold the compress on the lower extremities for more than two hours, then fresh vary. On the day of the application of three manipulations permitted. The method can be treated daily, without interruption, on holiday.
  • Walnuts — unripe fruits crushed, in a glass bowl, pour the contained olive oil. Medicinal products in the sun during the forty days. Finished tincture lubricate the problem areas of the lower extremities. The duration of therapy depends on the speed of the liberation of the main clinical manifestations of the disease.


Traditional methods will help to heal the lower limbs and get rid of the varicose veins only at the first signs of the disease.

Before and after the treatment

Before and after the treatment


Therapy at home, the the necessary drugs and surgery allow to cure the disease, improve the condition of the lower extremities, relieves the pain syndrome, rapidly progressive fatigue, cramps and problems with free movement to the foot screams.

Unsightly blue swollen veins will disappear from the feet. This is all the dress, but it is not just private things. After operations, people and medicinal methods if the Patient has a relief undergoes, and the full liberation of the trouble comes at the end of the second week.


To speed up the healing, use of compression knitted underwear, which brings the doctor, not to perezagruzite legs and give you small loads in the Form of evening walks.

The budgetary procedure of the affected limb men and women can heal, regardless of age. Experts recommend that at the first occurrence of the vascular network, turn to professional help — in the time recorded disease without radical surgery.

Cure varikoznoe the extension of the traditional methods is not only at home — they need to be combined included in the complex therapy and with the means of the official medicine. Do not be afraid, minimally invasive or radical surgery, all aim to improve the health, prevent the formation of complications.

The maximum amount of Information about therapy options, percentage of success and the duration of the post-operative Phase is the district police officer vein specialist. The doctor is based on data of the performed diagnostic examination, the body's reaction to the therapy. The time spent for the treatment is not the way to cure the Problem of traditional, local funds, or with minimally invasive surgery. The disease with a severe course in men and women implies, the excision of diseased varicose veins.