Compression stockings for varicose veins: how to choose and buy

The warikosnaja disease of the legs is a very common and dangerous disease that you treat in the early stages.

The most effective method is a comprehensive treatment, which consisted of not only medication and physiotherapy, but also the elastic is compression of the veins.

Compression stockings

On the started stages of the disease, only surgery will help. Compression stocking varicose veins corrected the treatment of diseases and improves the condition of the patient.

The essence of the therapeutic effect

Compression treatment of diseases of the veins still practiced from ancient times. How does this underwear? Gradually the blood vessels to the legs with varying intensity, from bottom to top.

The strongest 100% of the pressure is carried out in the area of the ankle, since it is precisely from this Phase, blood is the most difficult to raise.

In this Zone most often occurs blood stasis, and appear wounds, trophic.

In the area of the lower leg closer to the knee, the level of compression is 70% and slightly higher on the hips – 40%.

By the compression of the veins and the proper distribution of the load, the blood circulation is normalized, and the blood in the vessels is stagnant. Tissue, the nutrients and oxygen.

With respect to the damaged veins, Tonus of the walls increases, they are not more advanced, and not thin.

Compression stockings, in fact, the work of the muscles, thus stimulating the muscles of the lower extremities. As a result, swelling, heaviness, fatigue disappears.

Compression level

Medical varicose veins socks choose, the stockings will not be sold without a prescription. You can buy salon only in special orthopedic.

The level of compression of the Laundry:

  • At the first level. The pressure reaches 22 mm of mercury. This preventive lingerie, this is also true for varicose veins (early stages). If the Patient only appear spider veins, slightly increased blood vessels, and in the evening, the legs do not hurt.
  • Second Level. Pressure of 30 mm mercury column. Wearing a medical Jersey this level allows the degree of people discovered diseases of the veins of medium severity.
  • The Third Level. The pressure is 43 mm of mercury column. These tights use in case of varicose veins with severe trophic disorders.
  • The fourth level. The pressure is 48 mm of mercury column. Be used to reduce the strong swelling. Tights, knee-length stockings of varicose veins with this level of compression most often in the inpatient area.

Material for therapeutic Laundry

Varicose veins stockings to choose stockings are made of elastic rubber threads, Nylon, Cotton, spandex and micro fiber.

This seamless, Allergy-free bedding is the Design to be externally like a normal, though in different ways.

Tights, stockings varicose veins excellent moisture, allow the skin to breathe. The products look great, they are comfortable under clothing.

The compression ratio is through the therapeutic treatment of knitted goods with the application of technological Innovation.

Compression stockings


Selection of the medical jerseys wholesale. Which bedding is better to choose?

Types of compression products in dependence of the therapeutic effects:

  • Preventive varicose veins stockings to choose from. The smallest intensity of the pressure (17 mm Hg), you have to wear to prevent varicose veins.These underwear have the people who are on their feet, or Vice versa, lead a sedentary lifestyle, athletes, and during pregnancy. Preventative products must bear, if the legs vascular asterisks appeared, rays, veins, aching or swollen legs in the evening.Preventive bed linen you need to a healthy people of such professions: teachers, salespeople, hairdressers, drivers, etc., And who, in the course of the day in a static Position. It can be purchased in any pharmacy without a prescription.
  • Medical Products. A high level of compression (up to 48 mm of mercury column). Present intense impacts in the area of the ankle.
  • Hospital Knitwear. A maximum supports the blood vessels, prevents serious diseases of the veins, for example, thrombosis. After surgery, birth.

The range of compression stockings:

  1. Tights varicose veins is very popular and is also pregnant, which, by the way, a special model (without pressure in the abdominal cavity). To wear products convenient, easy to remove, and wear them hard. Nevertheless, they are fixed perfectly to the leg, not slide, whereby the pressure evenly on the foot.
  2. Knee-length stockings of varicose veins with zipper. This is a good Option for men. There are models for tourists, active people, as well as preventive products for everyday life. Anti-varicose veins-knee stockings are available in different Design.
  3. Orthopedic Boots. Better abrasion resistance than other types of underwear. Differ in that the toes on this model open. Apply in cases when the property damaged small varicose veins.
  4. Elastic tie. Belong to the primitive and affordable methods of prevention and therapy of varicose veins. But its healing properties are directly dependent on their ability to impose them. It is important properly, the leg connecting to a uniform distribution of the compression.

Rules for the selection

How to get to the compression garment so that it is as effective as possible? The products differ only in length: the cuff at the knee, stockings of varicose veins to the hip and hem of the pantyhose must to his belt. Choose therapeutic knitting goods must be in accordance with the place of localization of the main symptoms. If the vein extended to the calves, then you need to Leggings buy, and if higher, then only stockings or tights varicose veins help.

You also need to know your size, take a measurement of the lower extremity.

If you are buying leggings, centimeters, measure the circumference of the calf above the ankle and below the knee. And you should measure the length from the foot to the knee.

Measurements for the selection of compression stockings

If you have varicose veins stockings, measure the circumference of the lower leg above the ankle and below the knee as well as hip circumference of 26 cm from the trunk, if the Person is high, at a height of 32 cm Also, measure the length from the foot to the groin.

If you are going to buy tights for varicose veins, apart from all the above-mentioned measurements need to with a waist and buttocks.

Compression stockings for varicose veins

The right product, you can compare your settings with the data in the tables of the sizes on the packaging of the Laundry. But it is better to buy clothes in the store, to a consultant, you took the product exactly according to your measurements.

Preventive pantyhose of varicose veins in pregnancy must be worn, especially in the first 3 months. Medical underwear for women in the position is different from the usual.

Instead of rubber bands on elastic pantyhose belt that supports the abdomen, squeezing him.

Many pregnant women prefer stockings with varicose veins. This is due to the fact that pantyhose still cause discomfort in pregnant women. And not to wear the stockings comfortable, they compress the abdomen and sit perfectly.

Types of compression stockings:

  • classic;
  • with silicone rubber band;
  • with belt-corset;
  • with open fingers.

How to wear?

It is important not only to properly select and wear the Laundry, it still needs to dress properly. Poetapnost Action:

  • Medical Jersey have to dress immediately after waking up in the bed.
  • Not to much stretching and twisting the product.
  • They collect the tip in the accordion, put the hands in the pantyhose (tights, leggings), slide the stop.
  • Slowly, without jerky movements, his, is, drag the product on the Shin, knee, thigh.
  • In the supine position, lifting the buttocks, gently pulling the tights at the waist.

Anti-varicose veins stockings to dress up in the same way.

How to properly wear compression stockings

Compression stockings-knee stockings with open fingers dress up with a sliding sock:

  • slide socks on the sliding end;
  • tighten the sport of Golf on the top, remove it;
  • gentle on the sport of Golf straighten.

There are special devices which facilitate the donning of compression of the Laundry.

Use Latex gloves to avoid scratches compression garment. The toe nails must also be clipped and the file.

Rules for the care of Laundry

  • You wash your Laundry after each use, but not in the washing machine, but with the hands.
  • Prohibited strongly squeeze out the juice, wring out the products.
  • Dry the Laundry with a towel, and let dry in a horizontal Position.
  • Permissible temperature for the washing of – 35°.
  • Wash soap and your wash delicate or Shampoo.
  • Do not use powder, bleach, dry clean.
  • Varicose veins stockings to dry forbidden to select on the battery, or the sun.
  • Over-stocking, then you should protect against water-and silicone-rubber tape.
  • Clean swab its watt, an alcohol.

In the case of the observance of the rules of the departure of healing properties kompressionnogo of the jerseys you will delight in for a long time. You can buy the Laundry only in the areas audited.

And remember that compression is measured in mm of mercury column. They don't skimp on your health, and your feet will thank you for it.

Stockings of varicose veins in the legs: the prices, how to choose

Varicose veins requires an increased attention.

Only the treatment in connection with the prevention of the spread of varicose veins and development of relapse.

Prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, are often used stockings of varicose veins leg veins, the prices vary and depend on the company from the manufacturer, and compression of the class.

When to apply orthopedic stockings

The most common types of compression underwear – stockings. This Jersey is versatile, and perhaps its use in various patient groups, including in the case of the male part of the population.

Prior to use, a consultation with a specialist of the physician-flebologa, which selects in dependence on the extent of the injury, compression stockings class and give recommendations for him to wear. Compression selected stockings for the veins of the legs individually, as different pressure on the blood vessels. His application is different from the stage of varicose veins.

Effect of compression stockings varicose veins is that the pressure exerted on the veins of the lower extremities, takes from the ankle up to the hip. The pressure is not stagnant value as close as possible in the vessels of the legs in a healthy person the blood, and the veins are not expanded.


Indications for the use of orthopedic stocking of varicose veins are:

  • Varicose veins of the lower extremities;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • the pre-operative Phase before surgical operations on the veins;
  • Rehabilitation after surgery of the surgeon.

Appointment of various classes of compression stockings vary and depend on the stage of the disease. The price for the products grow along with the class.

1 class of compression is as a prevention of varicose veins due to the simple amount of pressure:

  • often in women during pregnancy;
  • Treatment 1 stage of the varicose veins;
  • Prevention of varicose veins when there is increased swelling of the legs, feeling of heaviness or pain in the legs.

2 compressive strength class stocking of varicose veins in the legs assigned for the provision of Mid-Level pressure:

3 compressive strength class has a strong pressure on the blood vessels and is used when:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis;
  • Disorders of the lymphatic drainage.

4 compressive strength class of knit goods has a maximum compression of limbs and is used in:

  • Anomalies of development in the vessels of the innate nature;
  • Elephantiasis of the extremities due to the permanent Stagnation of the lymph.

Orthopedic stockings of varicose veins have advantages over tights:

  • allow the necessary pressure on the lower extremities up to the groin area;
  • exert no pressure on the abdomen and buttocks muscles;
  • comfortably worn on the legs and be removed;
  • have an attractive appearance that is not different from the stocking without Anti-convulsive effect.

Support stockings for varicose veins benefits of and in front of the gaiters:

  • Pressure to the hips;
  • the toe and heel, includes the possibility of displacement;
  • worn can be like an ordinary underwear knitting.

The disadvantages you can highlight stocking:

  • do not put pressure on the area above the hips;
  • can quickly snap on the toes or the heels;
  • the prices for high-quality products of foreign production not everyone can afford.

How to stockings of compression for varicose veins

All of the patients, faced with the Problem of varicose veins, concerned about the question of how to stockings, compression varicose veins.

Properly chosen lingerie for varicose leg veins is the most important helpers in the fight against the disease. The choice of underwear is only made after consultation with the doctor.

In addition to the choice of a suitable class of compression, must you get the right size.

If the size knitwear less picked up, so the pain at strong along the veins of the leg press. If the Laundry is more, is not going to be the necessary impact.

Underwear of varicose veins

Compression stockings selected in the case of varicose veins of several parameters:

  1. The degree of compression;
  2. The stockings should to 10 inches of affected vessel overlap to achieve a maximum effect;
  3. Size;
  4. Price.

Support stockings of varicose veins can be:

  • classic;
  • with silicone rubber bands on the legs;
  • with the belt with a Velcro fastener;
  • The Open Cape, which you can wear in the summer.

By the size of the compression stockings for varicose veins especially carefully it should pick up.

All of the measurements necessary in the morning out of bed, if the volume of the lower extremities is minimal and close to the Norm.

Measurements with a tape measure in Position with pripodnatami feet. Then through the table the desired size of stocking is defined.

Each Anti-varicose veins-venous product for the leg, contains in its composition of spandex, which exerts the required pressure on the lower extremities, depending on the species. Knitted the Laundry, through a special technology according to the type of circular.

Support stockings of varicose veins on the legs for the treatment of disorders necessary and helpful. The clamping ring and the corrective stockings absolutely must buy for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins on the legs. Wear recommended work period, and in the main time while on holiday.