What is fear of varicosity: an effective traditional methods of treatment is

The use of synthetic drugs for the treatment of diseases, including varicose veins are enlargements of the veins that always leads to some unpleasant consequences. But the treatment of varicosity folk medicine, and when it is uncertain at 100%, side effects of the traditional medicine, significantly worse than the negative effects of drugs.

Yes, and the cost of the national treatment several times less. Therefore, the people is a means of treatment of varicosity, which have not lost their actuality and far from the people.

Varicose veins-national treatment

It should be clear that such a treatment is most effective in the early stages of the disease (occurrence of vascular network and a feeling of heaviness in the legs), and the least effective in advanced cases, when only a surgical procedure can help. Therefore, you need to watch your health, and at the first signs consult a doctor to confirm his suspicion.

Jams, the varicose expansion of the veins, usually of the lower limbs beat, so exactly the recipes of the folk medicine of varicosity legs are very popular among the population. Let's take a closer look at the most important recipes of traditional medicine.

Old recipes of ointments varicosity

All people-ointment from varicosity prepared on the Basis of vegetable oil, usually olive oil due to the high content of arachidonic acid. To the mixture is recommend thicker, in the old recipes ointment add in the melted fat of animals. The process of preparation of such compounds is quite simple.

Tinctures from the varicosity

Not less popular, and various infusions of varicosity, to prepare better, but significantly longer. The basis for all of the infusions includes vodka, to avoid that, if at the feet, there are pages with broken skin, such treatments.

The most effective is as a tincture kalanchoe, often add to the white acacia or comfrey in a ratio of 1:1. Such infusions are prepared as follows: the leaves of the medicinal plant, finely chopped, in a glass, pour, pour in the vodka and allowed to settle for 10-14 days in a dark place.

Ready Infusion you need to RUB into the skin of the legs from the foot to the knee, since 3 months, twice a day.

Varicose veins-national oil cure

Apple cider vinegar in the treatment of varicosity as a means to number 1

The treatment of varicosity vinegar is very popular and effective method of combating the disease. Apple cider vinegar helps in the treatment of varicosity, because it contains more than 20 minerals and trace elements, the necessary vessels, as well as vitamins C, A, B, and allows for regular use:

  • Improvement of the Tonus of the skin;
  • Strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels;
  • The removal of edema;
  • Improvement of blood circulation.

However, all this is only the case if treatment of a natural product, made from the freshly squeezed juice, but not from the shell, as the manufacturer of this type of vinegar.

What oils varicosity treated?

Together with creams, infusions and vinegar are widely used, and various essential oils. In the treatment of varicosity most commonly used oils: castor oil, black cumin, sandalwood, garlic, Flaxseed, and others.

Essential oils against varicosity usually use 2 options:

  1. A few drops added to 2-3 different oils in the tub with warm water, take daily in the evening hours.
  2. Added to massage cream or massage oil and gentle movements from the ankles to the thighs rubbed routes with the affected veins.

This use of the oil enables not only the strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels, but also remove the swelling in the lower extremities.

Varices national treatment Propolis

Apitherapy, Propolis, bee wax, a sample of honey in the treatment of varicosity

The treatment of varicosity bees has a long history and it is not surprising, if detailed understanding of the composition and the use of various bee products, be it poison, a sample, Propolis or honey. All of these recipes are pretty good and effective, however, not always available to city residents.

The easiest way to get honey. The treatment of varicosity, honey is as follows: on the canvas, a layer of honey and apply it on the inflamed veins, wrap plastic wrap from the top to consolidate and, with the help of the napkin. On the first day of such treatment a compress 2 hours and hold on the foot, on the second day - 3, the third 4, and then a compress with honey, leave overnight. The duration of the course, the honey-therapy is usually 2-3 weeks.

Helps in the treatment of tomatoes varicosity?

For the treatment of varicose veins varicose veins not all of the tomatoes, but only the unripe green.

The treatment of varicosity green tomatoes is quite simple and consists in the following: the tomato cut in half, 1 half of the fruit meat to use inflamed Vienna and hold it until you are a burning sensation feel. Tomato, and the skin washed with cold water. Then the leg is a dream partner to tomato applied, and so repeat 4 times. Daily use of green tomatoes for varicose veins extensions of the vein, for 3 weeks, they will blanch and the weakening of the venous node.

Treatment varicosity nutmeg

The nutmeg in the treatment of varicosity is due to its property of promoting blood circulation and inflammation of the veins shoot. Prepare a drug of the nutmeg as follows: all nuts, grated on a grater or in a coffee grinder to grind 1/3 of a teaspoon of powder in boiled water, cooled to room temperature, add a spoonful of honey and leave for a further 20 minutes.

You can drink this broth should be in the morning before Breakfast. It is important that every day a fresh portion of the powder prepared. Otherwise, essential oils выветрятся, drink and medicinal properties loses.

It is another recipe with nutmeg: 200 grams of grated nut pour a Liter of vodka and insist 10 days, then take three times a day 20 drops three months.

Varices national treatment cabbage

Cabbage helps in the treatment of varicosity

Yet since ancient times, doctors the cabbage leaves for the relief of inflammation. And it's no wonder when you see how many vitamins and trace elements in the leaves of white cabbage. Cabbage leaves are used in the treatment of varicose veins varicose veins as a compress.

The compress is as follows: the leaf of the cabbage with a rolling pin rolls out, or jumps, then a page with vegetable oil lubricated and inflamed Vienna, from the top cabbage leaf binder solidify and leave for days. The next day repeat the procedure, and so do 30 times.

Ginger in the treatment of varicosity

Ginger for varicose enlargement of the veins can be used as a means for indoor or for outdoor use. So tea from ginger is a good remedy not only for the prevention of inflammation of the veins, but also the treatment of diseases in every stage of your symptoms. The preparation of this tea is very simple: cut of the root is a small round piece of ginger, pour it with boiling water, let stand for 15 minutes. It should be noted that, in addition to the normalization of blood circulation, this drink is soothing and acts on the metabolism, therefore, ginger drink is especially useful for those that problems with the veins due to obesity.

Poultice of ginger is as follows: the root of fine grinding, are mixed with honey and becomes inflamed in Vienna on 3-4 hours. To enhance the effect, it is recommended that wrap the feet in something warm.

Varicose veins national treatment ginger

Useful properties in the treatment of Viburnum varicosity

Such as ginger, Kalina can be used, or as a compress or as a drink with vitamins. In the first case, it will be necessary to take the patient to fresh berries of Viburnum, grind them up to the condition of the mash, put the mixture on a cloth to the area of skin with an inflamed vein, and secure it with the help of the Bandage. This wrap is best before bedtime and leave at night.

Drink from Viburnum, at its core, is a juice, mixed with honey in the ratio of 2 tablespoons of honey 500 ml of juice. You should drink 2 tablespoons 4 times per day for a month and a half.

Action pumpkin in the treatment of varicosity

We all know that the pumpkin is an extremely useful product that contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements. For the treatment of varicose veins the inner flesh is varicose veins, provisionally free of seeds. This meat should be completely limb rust with problematic veins, wrap something warm and leave overnight. The Rest of the mash can be stored in the refrigerator.

Since the effect of Cucurbitaceae compresses very soft this method of treatment is used, should be patient.

Varices national treatment, the Adam's Apple

Adam's Apple in the treatment of varicosity

Adam's Apple for the treatment of varicosity is in the Form of an ointment, the preparation is like this: take a glass filled with a layer of adipi thickness of 15 mm, then adipi sliced fruits de marcus tullius (Adam's Apple) layer of 10 mm, then again a layer of adipi, and so on, until the Bank is full. It is important that the last layer was adipi. After the Bank is full, put on the steam bath or in the oven for a slow fire for a day (should not boil), then filtered, cooled and rubbed on 1-2 times during the day on the problem areas.

varicosity is very afraid of the lemon

Lemon for therapeutic purposes can be applied both internally as well as externally in the Form of compresses for the pain. The preparation of such a compress easily. Taken a lemon, cut into slices, is wound with the inflamed sites and binding, or compressor paper. You wear the compress must be in the course of the day, 2-3 times a lemon replaced with fresh.

Lemon juice cleans the blood vessels and increases the elasticity of the walls, so that this citrus fruit should be fruit in your diet contain all who has problems with the veins or want to prevent them.

One of the most effective medicines folk medicine against inflammation of the veins is as follows: 6 lemons to clean the bowl and the juice from them, ground 5 cloves of garlic and 3 blade Golden mouth, add 2 cups of honey and all carefully mix. The resulting mixture container for 1 week to infuse in a glass jar in a dark place. This medication is for 4 TSP once per day in the course of the month.

Treatment varicosity potatoes

Potatoes in the treatment of varicosity in the Form of compresses used, the from the tubers of this plant.

Put some tubers of potatoes, washed and cleaned from the shell, then you need to RUB them on a grater and overlay a layer of 1 cm on the inflamed veins. On the upper side of the layer of potatoes about 8 wrapped layers of gauze, the top with the juice of the potatoes. Hold this compress not less than 4 hours, it is important that, for him, used freshly grated and not old potatoes.

Varices national treatment mummy

Mumijo for the treatment of varicosity

Other varicosity used due to its properties, Stagnation and tumors reduce. Particularly good is the ointment from the mummy helps in the early stages of the development of the disease. Is following such an ointment: 5 parts of Vaseline and 1 part of Altai resin given, all thoroughly mixed and rubbed with a soft and flowing movements three times a day to stretch with the inflamed veins. Wash the remains of the ointment may not be earlier than one hour prior to the time of the application.

Also mummy inside: a small piece of resin mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and milk and drink twice a day for a month.

Whether fish oil for varicosity?

Fish oil is mostly oral, which led to the normalization of metabolism and reduction in weight, as one of the main causes of Stagnation in the veins. However, there are also other areas of application of fish oil.

Fish oil and Maisky takes honey in the ratio 1:1 mixed to homogeneity is mixed. The obtained ointment on a linen cloth, wrapped her leg and left to stand overnight.

Arc of varicosity

The greatest effect for the varicosity has not the onion itself, and its shell. Peel the onion of varicosity involved in various recipes.

  • 2 tablespoons of chopped peel pour 100 ml of vodka and insist during 7 days, then get a tincture Filter and take 20 drops three times a day 15 minutes before meals.
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped peel pour 2 cups of boiling water, to insist under the lid for 6 hours, strain and three times a day, drink a quarter Cup before eating for one and a half weeks.

Treatment varicosity garlic

Garlic in case of varicosity recommend as a compress applied, which is prepared as follows: take the garlic with a white shell and crushed, then add the Butter in a ratio of 1:2. The resulting ointment to lubricate before bedtime inflamed veins and wrap from the top of permanent paper or plaster. In the morning the remains of the ointment, wash. The procedure must be repeated every day for several weeks.

It can varicosity salt can be treated?

Salt in varicosity used for baths or salt Dressings. It is believed that it is best to use sea salt. It plant with water to get the liquid slurry. This porridge and is used to salt Dressings. Salt Dressings at varicosity each not more than 4 hours need to change several times a day.

In some recipes, salt porridge to cool recommend in the refrigerator, until the zero-temperature, a compress in the morning and hold it until the salt is hot, and then, the radicals remove the skin to avoid irritation.

The effect of the treatment of varicosity salt bandages usually occurs a month before the start of the treatments.

Treatment varicosity Soda

Use the Soda of varicosity Zalmanov still recommend. According to his recipe in a large bowl of warm water and dissolved therein 200 G of baking powder and 70 G of alum. Everything carefully to mix before full dissolution, then the legs and placed in a container with water. The duration of such a bath should be about 15 minutes. The course of treatment, such baby bathtubs episodic: 2 days to 1 since two weeks.

If the disease turns up on the legs, the you can apply, a bathroom with baking soda, make a more concentrated solution is not necessary. After a bath, the body clean, but in a towel wrap.