How is the laser removal of varicose veins?

Treatment of varicose veins, Laser is an advanced, reliable and Low-Impact method. This disease provides a cosmetic Problem and a pathology, carrying a risk for human health, but also contributes to the change of venous vessels. The probability of the formation of a Thrombus that can break at any time, and then death occurs. Carried out in the early stages of the laser therapy of varicose veins helps to overcome and achieve excellent aesthetic result.

Indications and contraindications

Treatment of varicose veins with Laser

The reason for the implementation of the Operation with the help of the laser warikosnoje is the enlargement of the subcutaneous veins of the lower extremities. Laser treatment is not when your mouth enlarges more than 1 cm, the vessels have a smooth curve without presence of the steep bends, and the to be of Gyrus — healthy or a little more advanced This therapeutic method has a positive effect only in an early stage of the disease, when the varicose veins pronounced in low dimensions.

The laser therapy will in a small part, so that it is not able to, have a negative effect on the surrounding tissue. Not applicable to the damaged vessels, if you take a large amount of space. The ineffectiveness of this method showed in the case of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.

In the list of contraindications for the treatment method of Laser coagulation, comprising:

  • Pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • the inclusion of the hormonal agent;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • inflammatory and suppurative processes in the lower extremities;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Incompatibility of the elastic compression.

Although contraindications to the implementation of the Operation for the relief of varicose veins, enough, but they are not specific and are subject to individual test.

How does the process of Laser coagulation

Thanks to the clinical equipment in a selective and therapeutic effect on the area of the vein wall ensures. Cold Laser is not allowed the heating of the blood, and the further formation of the Thrombus.

Remove an extension of the blood vessels in the lower extremities begins with a marking of the veins. With the help of an ultrasound device marking the marking of the affected venous mesh. These manipulations will allow in the future input by unobtrusive puncture (3 mm diameter) LED.

Then a local anesthetic is usually this procaine is used, but can be applied, and other anesthetics. The anesthesiologist decides. The problems of this method lie in the pain relief and the creation of a protective cover in the vicinity of the affected area. The anesthesia is performed with a thin needle under ultrasound control.

Thereafter, the actual Operation is performed. The doctor selects the optimal mode and strength of the impact on the affected areas. Through a puncture in the vein, a single LED is introduced. If it pulls, the processing of the wall structures of the Laser pulse. This causes them to stick together. The person feels during the surgery, usually nothing or feel a slight tingling sensation.

Effects of treatment of varicose veins with Laser

Complications after Laser coagulation of varicose veins in rare cases. The consequences of the surgery are:

  • the formation of blood clots;
  • the development of inflammatory processes;
  • Suppuration;
  • Burns to the Dermis;
  • Accumulation of blood under the skin;
  • Bruising.

During the first two days after treatment in the legs it can be was carried out of pain, in particular with regard to Vienna, where the surgery. The seams at the site of surgery, during the Rehabilitation you need to treat carefully. For these bandages superimposed. If the seams are not treated in time, and the bandages are not replaced fresh, the wound could become worse.

Postoperative Period

Treatment of varicose veins

The use of the compression of the lower limbs safe during the Rehabilitation period after Laser treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities. After completion of the Laser procedure, if the affected veins are removed, a doctor puts an elastic bandage.

In the future, binding clothes fluctuate on a special compression applied. Thanks to the compression in the deep veins of the legs, the blood flow of the superficial vessels is improved to expand stop. Bear, you have to use stockings, special stockings, tights or knee every day. After surgery, you may also shoot in the night.

In the post-operative Phase, a series of simple rules. After Laser surgery for the removal of varicose veins, human beings must move. Walk at least 1 hour is recommended. You need to visit to give up for a while:

  • Solarium;
  • Sauna;
  • Spa-Salons.

Are prohibited physical exercises in the gym. Preventive treatment of varicose veins consists of an active and healthy lifestyle. After completion of the treatment, a Person must:

  • to eat right and control your weight;
  • give up alcohol and cigarettes;
  • do such as Hiking and Cycling.

Doctors recommend exercises to improve the elasticity of the veins.


The cost for the treatment of varicose veins by means of Laser is made up of the following factors:

  • Advice of the physician;
  • Prior Ultrasound Examination;
  • Anesthesia;
  • the complexity of the Operation;
  • the postoperative monitoring by a doctor.

At the expense of the Laser coagulation of varicose veins is also the stage of the disease, the localization of the lesions and their number has.